MPM Prophet GmbH is an owner-managed family holding company for the management and administration of production companies.

Our core competencies are in the areas of:

  • Controlling and accounting
  • human Resources
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • marketing & Distribution
  • Real estate and alternative energy

We do this as a service to our affiliates and also offer them externally as a service. The basic idea and goal of the Family Holding is that the individual companies can concentrate on their core business and technical know-how and that the holding manages all administrative processes centrally and carries them out with the greatest efficiency.

Implementation in affiliated companies:

All administrative business processes are bundled and effectively mapped in the holding company. In this way we achieve significant synergy effects even for small companies. Starting with the central controlling and accounting, the personnel management & recruiting, the sales and marketing activities over the joint purchase of energy and other infrastructure positions up to the common financial concept; all from one hand.

So we implemented our vision of the "lean" company. The affiliated companies can concentrate fully on the fulfillment of the customer's wishes, all support processes are taken over by MPM Holding - scalable at will.

Professionally implemented business management, lean medium-sized production structures, coupled with the medium-sized nose for innovation in production ensure our success.

Owner-managed family businesses are an expression of lived sustainability. Sustainability for success, secure jobs and satisfied customers.